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About Loring Careers

Our mission is to help you achieve career success, however you define it.

Our personalized online system will help you find the career opportunity that is right for you. Our job search feature pulls listings from THOUSANDS of sites making this the only resource you'll need to help you find the right opportunity.  And there's more.  Unlike most job sites that give you many listings to review, our advanced search functions allow you to zero in those opportunities that fit your specific criteria.

Once you identify an opportunity of interest, our Resume Wizard will help you customize your resume and career objective to fit each specific position. This cutting edge system will guide you through the resume writing process. When you are finished, our Career Advisor will provide you with individualized advice on how to make your resume even better, so that it draws the attention of hiring managers.

A strong resume will advance you to the next step in the hiring process:  the interview.  An interview enables you to discuss with the decision makers how you can add value to their organization and help it succeed.  Many talented individuals do not advance through the hiring process because they did not effectively present their experience or skills.  Don't let this happen to you.  Our library is filled with the most current advice to help you prepare for an interview. And don't forget to check our calendar for the weekly FREE teleconference we conduct!

If you have not selected a particular career path, our site provides two FREE Assessment Tools.  Designed by professionals, these tools identify key personality traits and priorities in order to match you with possible careers. Often these are the careers that will provide you with the greatest opportunity for enjoyment and advancement.

Need additional training to start or advance your career? Our portal is filled with many campus and on-line educational opportunities, as well as FREE trade publications to help keep you current on the hottest issues in a variety of fields.

Whether you need to begin, change, or advance a career, we're here to help.